Welcome to Allan Wills Consultancy

My specialty is delivering commercial growth, collaboratively and creatively

I’ve been involved in global creative agencies, commercial ventures and startups for 20 years. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, I offer a range of skills that have the common theme of getting an idea (early or established) to market and then scaling. I have achieved this under titles such as Business Director, Marketing Director, Chief Operations Officer and Managing Director. Although my core expertise is a sharp eye for longterm strategic growth (while also identifying digital efficiencies to get there), my sleeves are always rolled up. I get involved – from creating high-production value content myself to tapping my vast network of talent to bring in the right firepower at the right time so we leap frog any business barriers we may encounter.

My previous clients and agencies include:

NBC Universal
Pernod Ricard
KX Tesco
Ben & Jerrys
Intelligent energy
Ideas Foundation


Allan and I have taken on some challenging missions together. He has deep, relevant digital world experience and expertise and is very much a man of courage and honour. I'd be happy to have him as my wingman again any time.

Gregor Angus – Founder of Gregor Angus Ltd.

I had the pleasure to work with Allan in London a few years ago. He's always been incredibly proactive and passionate about what he does. I found Allan to be very curious and a bit of a swiss army knife who can deliver many different projects. He's the kind of guy who can walk in and understand where you're at in no time, making him a very valuable freelancer on the market!

Shann Biglione – Head of Strategy at ZenithOptimedia China

Allan is a great leader, motivator and loads of fun to be around. He is excellent at pulling together teams, engaging people across an organisation and getting everyone on the same page around an idea. We worked together in a uncertain start up environment, where plans often change at the last minute, Allan always stays calm and brings smiles to everyones faces when dealing with those hairy moments!

Liz Ward – Founder and coach at SlickPivot

Totally, totally endorse Allan. If you want a problem solver, a business brain and a people person, he's it. He'll see an opportunity and join whatever dots are needed to make it happen. But he'll also bring the team with him. Worked with him in my role as Creative Director at a pure-play digital agency as well as at advertising agency WCRS. Didn't disappoint. Allan is also a really nice bloke and he remembers names. Always impressed by that.

Dino Burbidge – Director of Technology and Innovation @ WCRS / Engine

Allan is fantastic to work with. He is a highly talented thoughtful creative with exceptional standards whilst remaining down to earth and fun. He lets you see projects and their possibilities in new and interesting ways - adding value to problem solving and creative solutions. He is excellent at brokering ideas and presenting ideas in a way that everyone feels that they have been heard.

Heather MacRae – Founder of Venture Thinking

Allan knows his stuff for sure! He worked for me at Engine and later became my client. If you want someone who is well rounded who understands digital then Allan is 100% your man.

Dan Beasley – Founder and MD of Puzzle

Let’s talk…

I’m always happy and excited to discuss new ventures. You can reach me on: